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At Dacey Computer Services we are always trying to improve ourselves and expand the services we offer. A few things we are currently working on are:
⚬Providing a robust and reliable SMS service that you can use on any computer that won't break your wallet. This can help in marketing and generally getting news out to your customers
⚬Creating a document scanning solution that is easy to use and easy to retrieve your information from
⚬VOIP services are now available. You will pay the same amount to the provider of your choice but if you get your Voice Over IP telephones through Dacey Computer Services you get full support, setup, and support. A new page better explaining the service will be coming very soon.

Our staff formerly worked in construction so we can you save money by not having to hire contractors to do minor repairs or additions. Building a server closet or running your network cables behind the wall, and perfectly repairing the walls afterwards, can all be done by our talented ex-handyman.

We can also help you in most aspects of your business, especially with organization and streamlining how you do things, so if you have a question we are here to help you. You can't know how we can improve your business unless you contact us, so . . .

If you have a question about any of our services not on this site please go to our contact page and ask. We will get back to you the same business day.

Read about some of our other services

Report Creation

Reliable reporting is key to understanding details of your business.


  • Telephone Services

    Voice over IP telephones offer more features than your old fixed line service.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery
    Are you prepared to stay in business if something happens to your office?

  • Process Improvement

    Process Improvement
    Who doesn't want to save money, save time, and increase productivity?


  • Dacey Consulting

    We offer a range of IT consulting services. Click here to find out more.

  • Person Clouds

    Personal Clouds
    Do you like the advantages of sharing but don't trust the big companies?.

  • Gaming Hardware

    We're computer geeks that really know the parts that make up a computer.

And Other things

Other Things

We always offer a free initial consultation. It will cost you nothing to talk to us about potential solutions for your business - or for you personally.

VOIP telephone service has arrived! Click on the telephone on the right to see what we offer.

If there is something you need that you don't see on our site, contact us and we'll see if we can fix your problem. We can help with a wide variety of technical and business issues.